We are building an institutional grade exchange for arbitrage professionals, accessing conventional and digital markets in real time, and a legal, transparent and secure manner.
Bridging financial and digital markets through asset tokenization.
Deposit and withdraw currency & cryptocurrency
Convert crypto stocks* in stocks in real time
Safety of a regulated
financial operator
Trade stocks and balance your portfolio
Use API to professional
trading terminals
Invest in crypto stocks and hedge your position
Enjoy enhanced liquidity
Access to multiple markets
Digital assets exchange for arbitrage professionals
*Digital assets will include: S&P500 stocks, indices, stock futures and options, and more
DEMO Zeus Exchange reveals a part of our future functionality. We will not require you to transfer any assets or submit any sensitive information. Demo platform aims to gather feedback from arbitrage professionals.
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Global payment processor, Mastercard online payment service provider, free safe and fast pay online service.
Ingvarr's team of advisory consultants are recognized experts in Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Finance.
Lending Gallery is offering debt securities based on the underlying art portfolio.
The Blackmoon Platform focuses on all aspects of tokenized investment vehicles, from technology and infrastructure to legal compliance and corporate structuring.
Ingvarr Advisory & Тrust
Lending Gallery
Sino Global Blockchain was founded with the mission of "bringing transformative blockchain technology to and from Сhina."
Cryptonomics Сapital soon launches Сrypto Quant Fund, that is focused on an automated algorithmic trading of crypto currencies and crypto coins.
JetStyle digital agency helps companies reimagine how they interact with their customers and manage their businesses in digital sphere since 2004.
Membrana is the first trust management platform fully built on blockchain technology.
Sino Global Сapital
Cryptonomics Сapital
General Inquires
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